Portillo’s Survey Guide. Win Free French Fries.

Portillo’s Survey
  • Rewards: Free French fries or a coupon code
  • Prerequisites: You have to be a resident of the United States, including the District of Columbia, all participants to be 18 years and above, purchase is necessary, knowledge of either English or Spanish, have a valid email address.
  • Restrictions: You are to participate once, employees are not to take the study, you have 30 days to redeem your coupon, the code is not transferable, and you are to use the receipt once.
  • Contact Information: 630 530 8451; [email protected];
  • Working Hours: From 10:30 am to midnight

Tellportillos Survey Rewards

A successful business needs to be sure that its clients are happy with whatever products or services it provides. This is exactly the same situation for Portillo’s Restaurant Group Inc. They update their systems constantly, so they can serve their clients better.

Portillo's store

You can get different rewards if you take part in Portillo’s customer surveys. You’ll get free fries or coupons if you take Portillo’s survey. You might be able to check your purchase receipts for more details.

It offers more benefits than just earning points for dining at its restaurants. Both parties benefit from portillos.com/survey because they get some good publicity for their product and service.

Next, the restaurant serves better foods at an improved level of service. In addition, if something goes wrong during your visit to the restaurant, you may be able to take advantage of the situation by reporting anything negative that happened there so.

Portillo’s guest satisfaction survey is simple enough for anyone to complete and doesn’t require any special skills.

Use our tips if you’re stuck trying to find out how to get started.

Portillo’s Survey Rules

To be eligible for winning one of these above-mentioned prizes, there are several rules, requirements, and restrictions that people must comply with. Here is an overview of some of the most important things to remember when taking the survey. You may read the survey full terms here.

Tell Portillo’s Survey PREREQUISITES

You need to check if you’re eligible before starting the survey at portillosurvey.com. It is needed to help ensure that you’re a reliable and trustworthy resource of the information provided in the survey. In order for you to be eligible for winning any prize, you must follow these steps:

  • You’re an American citizen living in the U.S. state of Washington.
  • Everyone who participates must be at least eighteen years old.
  • Everyone who takes the survey should know at least one of the two languages available. There are two language choices; one for English speakers and another for Spanish speakers.
  • You need to take the survey using an online method because there is no physical contact between participants and the company. You’ll be able to do this by having receipts for purchases made at any of the participating outlets.
  • Everyone who takes the surveys has to have an active and validated email account.


Once you’ve ascertained that you’re a qualified participant, take the initiative to learn what rules and regulations exist, so you don’t get disqualified later on. Understanding PortilloSonline Survey helps you gain insights into their business. If you violate the rules for some reason (such as cheating), then you’ll be disqualified from participating.

There are some requirements and regulations involved:

  • You are not allowed to participate twice in the Portillo’s survey for free fries.
  • All employees, their families, and any people who might be involved in running the business are excluded from participating in the survey.
  • You can use your purchase receipt until its expiration date has passed. Use this receipt for one time only.
  • You must be aware that these perks aren’t transferrable or exchangeable for anything else at all.
  • Rewards must be redeemed by each person individually.

Tellportillos.smg.com survey Instructions

The whole online survey process is easy to conduct; there are clear guidelines on Portillo’s guest satisfaction survey page on how to go about it. You can use this article as a guide to show what Portillo’s expects of you and complete the survey. 

www.portillos.com/survey page

Note that, to take this customer feedback program, you need a purchase receipt. Use your ticket within 30 days to take it;

  • First, purchase in one of the restaurants.
  • Go to www.portillos.com/survey or tellportillos.smg.com/
  • Use the receipt to get the food survey code. Enter the code in the space provided. 
  • You then have to give your feedback on the food, services, visiting experience, and the company overall. Then, rate the company’s performance. Use the comment box to report any complaints.
  • Enter your contact details.
  • Submit your Portillo survey to get the coupon code. Use it to get free fries and other discounts. 

About Portillo’s

Portillo’s Restaurant Group Inc. is the company responsible for this study. They are an American restaurant specializing in Polish and Italian meals, street food such as hot dogs Maxwell Street Polish, Polish and Italian beef, and many more.

In 1993, Dick Portillo started the organization in Villa Park. The restaurant is available in over 60 locations, has over 4,600 employees, and has its headquarters in Illinois, US. 

Dick Portillo started this business after he finished serving in the marine. He used his personal savings to open up a hot dog stand. The business performed well as he later upgraded to a trailer. 

Portillo continued investing in the restaurant, and in 2014, he sold it to Berkshire Partners. Portillo’s Restaurant is still expanding to new locations.  

The customer feedback program is a way to ensure they keep their clients satisfied and maintain their brand name. There is the free french fries coupon to show appreciation for your feedback.

Contact Information

Customer care number: 630 530 8451.

E-mail: [email protected]

Address: The Portillo Restaurant Group Inc. 2001Spring Road Suite 500, Oak Brook Illinois 60523.

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