Converse Survey Guide. Win a Converse gift card.

  • Rewards: Entry into a sweepstake to win a gift card.
  • Prerequisites: Make a purchase at any of the participating stores. You have to be a legal adult and a resident of Europe, North America, or Asia-Pacific.
  • Restrictions: You need a strong internet connection. You need to be fluent in either English, Spanish, or Chinese. Have a receipt from your purchase
  • Contact Information: Email: [email protected]; Phone number: 1-800-387-9550
  • Working Hours: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day

Converse Survey Reward

At the site myconversevisit com, you’ll be able to share your thoughts and opinions regarding the types of services and products you’re provided by your local Converse outlet. In exchange for your feedback, the company will give you an entry into sweepstakes where you could win a $2 gift certificate that you can redeem at any Converse outlet.

Before taking part in the survey, make sure you’ve made an actual purchase from one of the participating stores.

Myconversevisit Rules


  • To participate in the contest, you must buy something from one of the participating stores and receive proof of purchase (a receipt).
  • To take part, you must be at least 18 years old.
  • To qualify for the program, you must live anywhere within these regions: North America, Asia-Pacific, or Europe.
  • You need an active email address for registration.
  • Every participant must have a valid phone number.
  • Everyone involved must be able to connect to the internet.
  • Participants must be able to access the Internet using their smartphones, tablets, or computers.


  • Everyone who wants to enter must be able to speak at least one of these languages fluently: English, Spanish or Chinese.
  • Each entrant has five to ten minutes to fill out all the answers to each question.
  • You should write down everything you did and got during the visit to the store where you bought the shoes. Tell them about your experience at the outlet.
  • None of the people who work at Converse are asked to take part in its survey.
  • It’s up to each participant to pay any tax he/she owes upon receiving rewards.
  • A gift card cannot be passed between people.
  • Each participant may submit only once.
  • You may not exchange the gift card for cash.
  • You may not use the gift card together with any other gift cards or converse survey coupons for even better savings.

Converse Survey Instructions

www myconversevisit com page

As outlined in the survey’s terms and conditions, there are a few standards to meet before participating in the survey. There are also restrictions on who and how people can participate in the survey.

  1. Visit the website to access the Converse feedback survey.
  2. Choose your preferred language by clicking the dialog box with the language of your choice. Then click “Next” to go to the next prompt.
  3. You will see a prompt asking you to enter the following details: the store number, date of visit, the time of your visit, the transaction number, and the value of goods you purchase. These details will be outlined on the receipt you received after you made a purchase.
  4. Proceed to click “Next”.
  5. The review will start here. You will be asked to rate the level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction you received. The rating would be on a scale, you can pick a number that best describes how you feel.
  6. Click “Next”. You will find general survey questions on your experience. These questions will be on your request, products you bought, the staff, the client administrative tasks, the ambiance, and more. Answer these questions as accurately as you can, based on how you remember your experience when you made the purchase.
  7. Click “Next’. You will be prompted to fill in your details including your phone number and email address. These details will be used to enter you into sweepstakes and have a chance for you to win a five-dollar gift card.
  8. Click “Next”. On completing the survey, you will get an entry into sweepstakes by Converse that gives you the opportunity to win a two-dollar gift card.

About Converse

Almost everyone wears converse shoes at some point during their life. It was founded in Massachusetts but now manages to be present across most parts of North American, European, and Asia-Pacific regions. It’s been there for almost 100 years now!

The company has been operating for decades and has weathered multiple political and economic upsets and remained at the forefront. Despite having so many rivals, this success was achieved even though there were plenty of competitors when it came out. Despite all these things, the company has been able to expand beyond its borders into Europe and Asia.

To be able to get more profits within their new environment, they have had to adapt to cultures they weren’t familiar with. Their successful expansion depends upon them receiving feedback from their clients so that they may learn what kinds of goods and services they expect where ever they operate.

Each participant gets an entry into a draw for a $2 gift certificate (redeemable at any of the participating stores). In addition to allowing the customers to be heard, it helps create an environment where they want to return for future purchases from the company.

Contact Information

Headquarters:160 N Washington St, Boston, MA 02114, United States 

Phone number: +442035142048 

Email ID: [email protected]

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