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Publix survey

The USA is full of various supermarket chains, be it the pharmaceutical and food industry or the retail industry. These companies are consumer-oriented and that’s why to improve themselves as well as tailor their services to satisfy the customers, they conduct different types of consumer surveys.

One such customer satisfaction survey i.e. Publix survey is conducted by the Publix supermarket – a business chain operating under the family name of Jenkins since the last decade. After every visit, you will be able to conduct an online survey about how good your time was inside the supermarket, the behavior and quality of the employees, product range, service quality, and so on.

www.publixsurvey.com survey

What rewards Publix Survey Sweepstakes offer?

Publix survey is easy, and you just need to give your feedback, that takes just a few minutes.  After you complete the survey successfully, you get a chance to enter the popular Sweepstakes conducted by Publix where the winners get to win a gift card worth $1000. It is definitely a reward worth the precious time that you will spend taking and completing the Publix survey.

Publix Survey – Rules & Regulations

In order to successfully complete the surveys by the Publix supermarket given at www.publixsurvey.com, you need to have a proper understanding of the rules and regulations. So, before you visit the official survey invitation page, do take a look at its rules and regulations.

  1. The Publix customer surveys are applicable only for the legal residents of Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, North Carolina, Alabama, and Florida.
  2. You need to be at least 18 years of age or above to participate in the Sweepstakes survey conducted by Publix Supermarket.
  3. You should have a purchase receipt to enter the Publix survey competition because you will need the unique ID to initiate it.
  4. Furthermore, you also need to have a proper email ID and a contact number, both of which need to be valid.
  5. You need to have a gadget and a secured and strong internet connection so that you won’t have to suffer from a PC blackout all of a sudden and get interrupted.
  6. You also need to have basic knowledge of Spanish or English.
  7. One person can take a survey only once a month.
  8. The Publix survey needs to be taken within the Sweepstakes time frame or entry period.

www.publixsurvey.com Complete step-by-step process

Here, we have discussed the entire Publix customer service survey process step-by-step which will help you to complete it without any hassle.

1.     First, you need to visit the official website of www.publixsurvey.com.

2.     You will be given options for the language, either in English or Spanish. Make sure you are choosing the proper language in which you are proficient.

3.     Make sure you have the receipt because you will have to enter the survey code written on the bill.

4.     Once you have entered it, click on Next.

5.     You have to rate your satisfaction according to the experience you had during your last visit.

6.     Several questions will be present which you need to answer genuinely on a scale of Unsatisfactory to Excellent.

7.     Click on Next and then enter your name and a valid email address to enter the Sweepstakes page.

8.     Next, click on Submit and your survey at www.publixsurvey.com will be complete.

9.     You will be provided with a gift card of $1000 only if your name comes out in the sweepstakes lucky draw.

About Publix

In 1930, George W. Jenkins founded the Publix supermarket, which is still run under the family name of Jenkins in the US. Publix has opened its outlets in several cities across the US and is considered one of the most popular brand names after Walmart. As of now, there are about 1200 stores and outlets in the entire country, apart from the headquarters in Florida. The company has increased their product range to a point where now, you will get almost every daily use requirement in their outlets.  


Taking the publixsurvey.com won’t take more than a few minutes. For customers, it is a perfect way to share their feedback and win rewards. For the company, nothing can be better than knowing the customers and knowing how to enhance customer satisfaction. You won’t have to sugar coat anything about your visit during the Publix survey. All you need to do is to rate the questions regarding your last purchase experience and once done, you will get a chance to win an exciting gift card.

Contact details

Publix Headquarters contact number: (863)688-1188

Publix Customer care: 1-863-688-1188

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