What Is Front-End Web Development?

What Is Front-End Web Development?

So, do you want to know, ‘What is front-end web development?’ Well, front-end web development is the development of the graphic user interface of a website, allowing users to go through the website and its functionalities easily. The objective is to create a user-friendly and interactive website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and WebAssembly.  Furthermore, it helps showcase the business in the best way possible by enhancing their web performance through a flawless user experience. A front-end developer aims for a user-friendly and interactive website, seamless navigation, faster website loading time, and a cross-platform compatible website among others.

Key skills you must have as a front-end developer

Key skills you must have as a front-end developer

Technical skills: The key skill required to become a proficient front-end developer is the capability to understand all the technicalities involved. Front-end developer needs to know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Front End Frameworks, Preprocessors, RESTful Services and APIs, jQuery, etc.

Teamwork: Front-end developers must be ready to work in a team. They must know how to communicate with seniors and peers and work with cooperation. It is important because, for front-end web development, usually it is a whole project team that works together. In addition, they must know how to streamline work and how to do version control apart from meeting deadlines. 

Creativity: As a web developer, one must not only have technical knowledge and skills but also have a creative bent of mind.  They must also know how to carry out relevant research. Thus, creative quality is required to achieve the goal by web or UI/UX designers who take different approaches to create a beautiful front page.

Problem-Solving: Web developers often need to deal with technical issues, so one must have a problem-solving capability to become a successful front-end developer. Also, they must not get frightened to work under pressure.

Programming language commonly used by front-end developers

Programming language commonly used by front-end developers

When talking about the technical aspect, you need to master the following programming languages:


HyperText Markup Language or HTML is the key language used for developing a website. These are the most important tools required to create a website. To be specific, CSS helps style the web page. On the other hand, HTML helps in providing the structure. These markup languages, along with other technical, form the developer’s toolkit and allow them to create a site from scratch. 


CSS and HTML programming languages can only design a basic website; JavaScript helps make the website interactive. For example, you may need JavaScript knowledge to run quizzes, animations, and online gaming. In addition, JavaScript also contains great functionality and new syntax that can make the site even more readable and contemporary. Further, it allows you to add template strings, arrow functions, modules, class destruction, and more. 

JavaScript libraries

jQuery is a part of JavaScript libraries, a huge collection of plugins and extensions that makes websites even faster and easier. It helps reduce common operations that demand numerable lines of Javascript codes with just one line of code. 

Comparison between front-end and back-end developers

Comparison between front-end and back-end developers

Generally speaking, front-end web developers are also referred to client-side developers. They are the ones who are responsible for website coding and functionalities.  In other words, the job of the front-end developers is limited to whatever users see on the website, application, or browser. These developers code using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to allow end-users to interact with a website or an application with ease. Since the coding languages keep on changing, a front-end developer needs to upskill themselves continuously to get a desirable job.

On the other hand, back-end developers are referred to server-side developers. These developers are responsible for everything ranging from the database to the browser. To be precise, the back-end developer’s code instills database information in the browser like servers and databases. Moreover, they are often familiar with front-end programming languages like C++, JavaScript, Node.js, Ruby, Python, PHP, Perl, and others apart from various frameworks like Express, Rails, and others.

Those developers who are proficient in both front-end and back-end development fall in the category of full-stack developers.

Area of differenceFront-endBack-End
Work areaIt is related to everything visual you find on the websiteIt is related to a web server that has a direct connection to the database and the request made by front end developers
SideIt is the client-side of an application or siteIt is the server-side of an application or site
DutyIt deals in the collection of user inputIt processes the acquired user inputs
ResponsibilityThe main responsibilities of front-end developers are accessibility, performance, and speedThe main responsibilities of back-end developers are backup and security.
PurposeIt is the GUI that helps users carry various activities on a web browserIt acts as the brain of the website, which helps the web application to run flawlessly

How much time does it take to learn the skills of a front-end developer?

It usually takes one month to get introduced to JavaScript, HTML, and CSS basics. However, to master the area as a front-end developer, you will have to give it a time of six months. Many web developers also use a JavaScript library – a library of pre-written JavaScript code for easier web development.

When you start studying front-end web development, you will find it as a never-ending road of knowledge. However, it is pretty easy to start thanks to the code structure of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, and simple syntax. Also, remember, those aspiring to become front-end developers must study longer have a professional environment and strict guidelines for best practices and code quality. 

frontend vs backend web-development


A front-end developer job is creative work and can be an excellent career choice. By pursuing this field, you will create code for web designs and have some say in the site’s overall look. However, if you are more into being the brain of the website, go for the back end or full-stack developer.

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