• Rewards: Free food and coupon codes.
  • Prerequisites: Understand English or Spanish; a purchase is necessary, open to the United States residents only, have a working device with a good internet connection.
  • Restrictions: The rewards vary, one survey per purchase, coupon code not valid for the holidays, rewards are not transferable, use your receipt within three days.
  • Contact Information: 941 907 9800;
  • Working Hours: 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.


Because the First Watch company always puts its customers’ needs before anything else, you get great quality products from them every time. A good way to stay connected and up to date on the changes in customer service is by arranging regular surveys. They ask their clients for feedback and then reward them for providing excellent reviews.

If you take the survey, there are several rewards you could receive for doing so. It depends on various factors. Look at your receipts carefully for more details.

You’ll get some benefits from participating, such as free food and coupons. One example would be when each person who takes part receives an email offering them a discount for their next purchase at the site.

There is only ever one winner for each sweepstake.

Write down any coupons you receive, so you don’t forget them when they expire. Use them at checkout to save some cash. You need to be sure whether the survey offer is still valid for your area before taking part in it.

Besides earning some extra cash for taking part, there are various additional benefits associated with completing surveys online. The primary purpose of the First Watch survey is to gather both positive and negative comments from their clients. You may want to take advantage of this feature if you think something isn’t working well for you.

Another advantage is improved quality when offering foods and services. After collecting customer feedback, First Watch formulates policies for retention and attraction. It’ll take no longer than ten minutes for you to complete the survey.


To get the First Watch reward mentioned above, you need to fulfill these requirements. You’ll need to follow certain procedures when taking surveys online. You must read the terms of service before taking part in any survey.


To avoid any confusion, please ensure that you’re eligible for taking the customer satisfaction survey before starting. First Watch accepts feedback from clients who meet the following criteria:

  • You must live within the US for participation.
  • Two languages are available for choosing from — English and Spanish. You need to understand at least one language before reading any further.
  • You need to buy something for the offer to be valid. You’ll need to enter the special code from the receipt into the form when taking the survey.
  • You must be at least 18 years old to participate.
  • You’ll need an Internet-connected computer or any other device for most online questions.


Every successful survey process should have rules and regulations governing it. For a first watch survey, the regulations are simple to understand and follow. Some of them include:

  • You are to use the receipt for only one survey.
  • The rewards vary. Look through your receipt to get more information.
  • Save your receipt to use it to get the rewards.
  • You have a maximum of 3 days to use the receipt.
  • Each coupon code is valid for only one person.
  • Any of the rewards mentioned, you cannot transfer or exchange for cash.
  • First Watch workers, their close family members, agents, and the company’s associates will not take up the firstwatch feedback survey.


The survey is not active now!

The survey process is a simple one, and it takes about 5 minutes to finish. Its survey page has easy-to-follow instructions to lead you through. There is only one way to go about it, and that is through the online survey.

  • Visit, the official survey webpage.
  • Enter your code, the 15-digit survey code, on the purchase receipt.
  • Click on “Start.” to move to the next page. 
  • There is a list of survey questions provided. First Watch values this information, therefore, it would be fair, to be honest. Also, give your ratings of the place, and there is a section to address your complaints.
  • The next stage is to give your contact information. Ensure you provide your contact details a valid email and address. 
  • You’re by now almost done. Click the submit button to send your firstwatch feedback.

Depending on what is on your receipt, you will get a validation code to redeem later. Please write it down as you are to use it to get discounts on your next meal. Keep others safe by using safe required face coverings as you interact with others in the restaurant.


First Watch Survey is a customer feedback program by First Watch. It is a food industry based in the United States that offers healthy and tasty brunch foods. The breakfast comprises pancakes, eggs, etc., and for brunch, you can have a sandwich and many more. 

They also offer coffee, beverages, and cold drinks. As you take or wait for your meal, there are newspapers and Wi-Fi to keep you engaged. 

The company started in 1983 in California, and it presently has over 200 locations and 6,000 employees. First Watch won many awards including ‘Best Places to Work’, ‘Second 100 Restaurant Brand’, and ‘Top Family Dining Restaurant’. 

The core purpose of this survey is to provide honest feedback from their customers. This will help them improve on their services and facilities. As you help them achieve this, you also get a chance to win yourself a coupon code, sweepstake entry, and free food.


Customer care number: 941 907 9800 

Address: 8027 Cooper Creek Blvd # 103 University Park, FL 34201

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