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With almost 8000 locations of this fantastic store in the United States of America, it is one of the exquisite and largest retailer points. This store is highly used by the people of America. This is why they need their customer’s feedback on the services they provide. Providing the perfect shopping experience to their customers is their top priority.

The family dollar is there to deliver all the necessary family essentials in most of the neighborhood efficiently. This store’s main products are health aids, beauty products, household cleaners, toys, home, fashion, and decor products, food essentials, etc.

The valuable feedback of every person plays a crucial role since the company realizes the different domains they need to work on. This feedback form has multiple survey questions that mainly focus on the needs and requirements of making their experience at Family dollar enhanced and enjoyable.

Family Dollar survey

What rewards family dollar survey sweepstakes offer?

All the customers at Family Dollar get an opportunity to be able to win an incredible cash price of $1000 daily. It also gives you a chance to get other amazing rewards that are valued at $1500 weekly.

This is a customer satisfaction survey that has questions related to the experience and the efficiency of their services. It takes about 5-7 minutes to answer the feedback form with honest opinions.

The few minutes that you spend on these survey questions are worth it, since not only do you get to enhance your experience at this fantastic store, but you can also win such great rewards.

Family Dollar Survey – Rules and Regulations

There are specific official rules and regulations that anybody who wishes to take this survey needs to follow. The following rules are mentioned below:

  • If you are a customer and wish to take this survey, there is no need or necessity for you to purchase a product to be eligible for filling out the genuine feedback in order to win.
  • The age limit for being a part of this survey is 18 years and above. Nobody who is under this age will be allowed to take up any of the survey questions.
  • There is one only entry allowed for every survey invitation. You are not allowed to fill the form more than once for every receipt.
  • This feedback on www ratefd com survey is strictly open for only the legal residents of the United States, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, the Republic of Korea, Germany, Denmark, the District of Columbia, Canada, Puerto Rico, Honduras.
  • The people taking this customer satisfaction survey cannot be an employee of the Family Dollar store. Therefore, any entries of their own employees will not be considered.
  • The winner of this survey is responsible for all state and federal taxes that are applicable.
  • There is no price transfer allowed in this survey. However, the winners will be notified about the status of their price via mails. Survey – Complete Step-by-Step Process:

There is a very simple and straightforward method to complete the survey of one of the largest retail stores, just by answering and providing honest opinions concerning their services. The following steps to take in order to fill the form effectively are mentioned below:

  1. Firstly, go to the This is the website that has the form you are expected to fill out.
  2. Then, click on the preferred language you wish to use to fill in the form. The options provided are English and Spanish.
  3. You will have customer receipt details that are needed to fill in the form. Use the 16-19 digits ID Transaction number that is available on your receipt.
  4. After adding these details at survey, click on the start button to initiate the survey.
  5. Once you start this survey, you are expected to rate your shopping experience at Family Dollar. Multiple conditions are taken into consideration while answering these ratings. Therefore, the range of your answer can vary from highly satisfied to highly dissatisfied.
  6. You must answer all the questions truthfully and provide valuable feedback.
  7. In the end, you are given the option to join the lucky draw by providing all of your essential personal details for authentication.
  8. The required details that are supposed to be added are your phone number, email address, age, and proof that you are a legal resident.
  9. After adding all of your required details, submit your form and have a chance to win great rewards.
  10. Once you submit your survey, wait patiently for the results. You will receive an e-mail regarding the winners. 

About Family Dollar

Family Dollar is an incredible variety store with multiple products to offer its customers. Family Dollar is a variety store chain with headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. Many of the items or products available at this store are for $1 only. The others are mostly less than $10. This is the unique aspect of this store that attracts millions of customers and makes it the second-largest retail store chain.

The company values genuine feedback from customers to enhance itself and sustain its popularity. They are determined to ensure the complete satisfaction of their customers through their top-notch service. This is why their customer satisfaction survey is taken so seriously. In addition, their brand name is highly sacred to them, which is why they make sure no compromise is made in their service.


Family Dollar Survey allows you to spend a few minutes to give your honest opinion and become eligible for the reward. The survey questions are about the quality of their services and customer experience. The company values the honest opinions given by its customers to make its services better. So, remember about the Family Dollar Survey Guidelines and take the survey!

Contact Details:

Phone number:  1(866)377-6420

The official website is –


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